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Registering with Intelligence exposes you to better prospects and opportunities based on our selection of positions and credibility in the industry. Click here to submit your CV.

Step 1: Registration

Send your resume via email (Word / Excel format preferred) to our respective consultants or through online application.

Step 2: Discussion

Feel free to share more about yourself, our professional experiences will guide you for career planning and search for the right position. If you are currently staying in overseas, or having difficulty to visit our office, we will be happy to contact you via phone call or e-mail.

Step 3: Recommendation

When there is suitable job opportunity, our consultant will share the company information and job description with you.

Step 4: Interview

Our client will invite the suitable candidates for interview at their company. Our consultant will notify you the result.

Step 5: Offer Confirmation

When job offer is confirmed, you will receive an offering letter.

Step 6: Follow-up

While you are working in the new company, our consultant will contact you to follow up the new working situation.


Please fill in the below registration form and press submit OR email your CV to

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